Two Roads Riddle

two raods

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but you are trying to get to Disneyland, and only one road will take you there. Standing nearby are two woodsmen; one always tells the truth, the other always lies. You are only allowed to ask a single question directed to either the liar or truthteller, to determine the correct road to Disneyland. What question do you ask?

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7 Responses to Two Roads Riddle

  1. :-) says:

    okay so you go down one of the roads .. and if you pick the wrong one …. you just get to disneyland really late ….

  2. Jonathan Wilson says:

    ask one of them where you are. if he says anything but yellow wood, he’s the liar and just ask the other one where to go and go that way. if he says yellow wood ask the other one where to go and go the other way

  3. Derek says:

    Hang on you don’t have to ask the same question to both guys do you? lol otherwise that’d be a useless question!

  4. choto says:

    ask one of the woodsman where I am .If he tells Anything other than yellow wood then he is the liar and then ask the other guy where to go
    do the vice-versa

  5. Robert says:

    There is a mistake in the problem. You only get to ask one question PERIOD, and you don’t know who it is your asking, the liar or the truthteller. This means you don’t get to ask one of them something to determine whether he is the truthteller or the liar and then ask the other one something.
    The only question you need ask, however, is: What would the other guy say if i asked him which road leads to disneyland.
    If you ask the truthteller this, he will accurately report that the other guy will say the road that doesn’t lead to disneyland.
    If you ask the lier this, he will tell you the wrong road.
    Thus take the road opposite the ones suggested by this question, and you shall arrive at disneyland safe and sound.

  6. joe says:

    easy…..ask either one which way will the other guy tell me is disney. and go through the other path. the liar will lie and tell you the one tellig the truth will lie and tell you the wrong way…… and if you ask the truth teller, he will truthfully tell you that the liar will tell you to go through the wron path. so you go through the other one.

    your welcome

  7. MArk says:

    Ask one of them: Would the other guy tell me to go to the left?

    If you ask the liar, and he says yes, then the right path is correct.

    If you ask the truthful one, and he says yes, then again the right path is correct.

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